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breakcore_LABS 0.8 – invisible core

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Another edition of breakcore_LABS events!. breakcore_LABS special edition for Cellsbutton#04 information were only available from accessing breakcore_LABS blog at or via Cellsbutton#04 AR Code viewer on HONF website. As usual, an iron construction were built responding to a rather cheesy style of the stage from the club. Well, what to say, it was the first time for HONF to held breakcore_LABS event in the club, and we picked the most cheesy club in town! Where is it? Well, we gave you the hints.





First on the lineup, was a performance from Sebastien Szczyrk (FR) with his project called “un escargot vide ?” warming up the stage with his digital synthetic sound-scape. It’s his second performance in Cellsbutton#04 and on breakcore_LABS, he played a rather free-style noise performance filled with improvisation in the performance. Followed after was a collaborative performance from Sodadosa x Bangkai Angsa that presented an experimental noise music produced from fully analog instruments, effects, distortions and feedbacks. After several times performing in breakcore_LABS events, Sodadosa bringing a new performative action on the stage with Bangkai Angsa, capturing the front part of the stage by abusing their instruments, fighting each other through sounds. The third on the lineup was a performance from Benjamin Laurent Aman, presenting a composition of a dark noise to gaze the audience. The three performance was filled with Visual projection from VJ Numberone, VJ Manticore, Kenneth Feinstein (US | SG) and Pierre Le Cann (FR).





After three performance, a short paused break taken as we presented a special movie screening called “Land Of 1000 Dances“, a documentary film that is wrote, conceptualized and directed by Rotraut Pape (DE). The film itself was taken from a personal experience, memories and insights from Dick Hebdige (UK). The film was speaking of club-culture and its’ resistance, movements, and backgrounds from the early 70’s. After the movie screening, breakcore_LABS are closed with a collaborative performance from no.E Sakana (US) and Rene Lysloff (US) presenting a unique sound composition in of with contemporary Indonesian ethnic and a rather IDM classified music. Started from a solo performance from no.E with a rather danceable music, then together with Rene to perform an astonishing music composition that compliment each other that from our opinion, is a “fractal(ize)-ordered-composed” sounds. So, closing the night, and found we already preparing for the next breakcore_LABS event. 0.8.2, o.9 or whatever, we’ll keep you posted! see ya!



breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok @ SBY review

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It was the first breakcore_LABS for Surabaya, the city of heroes. cok2cok theme was taken from jancok, an Eastern Javanese local word that generally be used as an expression of anger, disappointment or even could be refer to friends. Well, you have to be in good relationship to call your friend jancok and get away without a blue-colored-shape Borneo map on your face. This word is multi-meanings for multi-purpose use that have always transform in daily life. So, cok2cok, is the guys (arek-arek) in Surabaya expression and intention in friendship and the spirit of togetherness of making this edition of breakcore_LABS to bridge localities in to a transformation of unity!

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breakcore_LABS 0.7.1 – Kek2keK @ TBY review

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What is “Kek2keK” label on this edition of breakcore_LABS? Well, we didn’t have any special meanings on the title of the event, more likely the name refer to a local joke between us. The title come from the word Tokek (Gekko). Continue reading

breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 (Nightly Build) @ microCELLS closing party 2010 review

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Like we said before, this edition of breakcore_LABS was a “nightly build” effort from the artists and the organizer. It reminds us of a project called “Come 2 You” that HONF did with 10:05 newsletter with slightly different concept. We held breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 as the seventh event but part of the sixth edition since it was held for the closing party of microCELLS. Continue reading

breakcore_LABS 0.6 – microcore @ microCELLS 2010 review

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ASIK!!! After a long hot days of preparing and installing our own stage, the showdown finally arrived. The echo of Adzan have disappeared from the sky waves, bottles were clinging heavily and our friends heavy laughs is all around, we decided that it is time to break the core. It was raining at the beginning, and we have to start a little late from what we planned (19.30). Continue reading

breakcore_LABS 0.5 – 10 Years HONF

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breakcore_LABS 0.5 is held by an initiatives from HONF members in commemorating 10 years of HONF and also celebrating 1 year anniversary of breakcore_LABS. After the breakcore_LABS 0.1 in December 2009, breakcore_LABS has reached 5 series of breakcore events in Indonesia, inviting local and international artists and musicians to act in breakcore_LABS events. Thanks to all, we still progressing and continuing our movement! Continue reading

breakcore_LABS 0.4 – break-buka-bersama-core Yogyakarta Prague

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breakcore_LABS 0.4 – break-buka-puasa-bersama Yogyakarta – Prague, is a title that created to combine many words starting from breakcore, fasting, together, open community, open platform, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Prague, Czech Republic. Because of various technical difficulties, we started the event at 17.00. (It was scheduled to start at 15.00, lol) The event started with a presentation from Guma Guar, an artist group from Czech Republic. They gave a presentation on their activities that started since 2003 in arts and politics, electronic music and also VJing. After giving their presentation, they follow the session with an audiovisual performance that composed of extreme musics filled with visuals depicting terrors and wars. Continue reading