breakcore_LABS 0.8 – invisible core

Another edition of breakcore_LABS events!. breakcore_LABS special edition for Cellsbutton#04 information were only available from accessing breakcore_LABS blog at or via Cellsbutton#04 AR Code viewer on HONF website. As usual, an iron construction were built responding to a rather cheesy style of the stage from the club. Well, what to say, it was the first time for HONF to held breakcore_LABS event in the club, and we picked the most cheesy club in town! Where is it? Well, we gave you the hints.





First on the lineup, was a performance from Sebastien Szczyrk (FR) with his project called “un escargot vide ?” warming up the stage with his digital synthetic sound-scape. It’s his second performance in Cellsbutton#04 and on breakcore_LABS, he played a rather free-style noise performance filled with improvisation in the performance. Followed after was a collaborative performance from Sodadosa x Bangkai Angsa that presented an experimental noise music produced from fully analog instruments, effects, distortions and feedbacks. After several times performing in breakcore_LABS events, Sodadosa bringing a new performative action on the stage with Bangkai Angsa, capturing the front part of the stage by abusing their instruments, fighting each other through sounds. The third on the lineup was a performance from Benjamin Laurent Aman, presenting a composition of a dark noise to gaze the audience. The three performance was filled with Visual projection from VJ Numberone, VJ Manticore, Kenneth Feinstein (US | SG) and Pierre Le Cann (FR).





After three performance, a short paused break taken as we presented a special movie screening called “Land Of 1000 Dances“, a documentary film that is wrote, conceptualized and directed by Rotraut Pape (DE). The film itself was taken from a personal experience, memories and insights from Dick Hebdige (UK). The film was speaking of club-culture and its’ resistance, movements, and backgrounds from the early 70’s. After the movie screening, breakcore_LABS are closed with a collaborative performance from no.E Sakana (US) and Rene Lysloff (US) presenting a unique sound composition in of with contemporary Indonesian ethnic and a rather IDM classified music. Started from a solo performance from no.E with a rather danceable music, then together with Rene to perform an astonishing music composition that compliment each other that from our opinion, is a “fractal(ize)-ordered-composed” sounds. So, closing the night, and found we already preparing for the next breakcore_LABS event. 0.8.2, o.9 or whatever, we’ll keep you posted! see ya!



10 Responses to “breakcore_LABS 0.8 – invisible core”

  1. kerangka besi Says:

    asli !!
    anjing !!
    kenapa aku sampai terlewat acara yg ini ya?
    goblok! golok! salut mas !
    selanjutnya dimana mas? katanya ama anak anak openlab ya? jadi kah?

  2. teman togar Says:

    ini nama palsu,
    karena saya bukan siapa siapa
    hanya teman salah satu dedengkot breakcocelabs, togar.
    saya ga punya web atau blog, belum mungkin
    saya sudah 4 kali datang ke serial event ini
    salah satunya yg pernah dibuat di pinggir jalan demangan
    keren mas !!
    boleh kenal sama yg namanya Dick Hebdige ga mas?

    TT (teman togar)

    • makasih udah dateng mas,
      smoga ga bosen bosen yaa :)
      kalo mau kenalan ama Dick Hebdige mungkin contact lewat Rotraut Pape saja,
      karena dia yang kenal, situsnya tercantum di post
      asik asik

      TTT (teman temannya togar)

  3. asik asik Says:

    katanya breakcore kok asik asik, kaya dangduthh e’ mas…

    • asik asik, asik asik…
      breakcore emang asik asik bagi yang asik asik seperti dangdut jg asik asik bagi asik asik sendiri jadi asikin aja ya asik asik biar semua asik asik…

  4. teman togar Says:

    thanks ya
    langsung di respond kemaren,
    bisa ketemu togar atau mas andreas? kapan ya?
    di HONF atau?
    dulu togar pernah bilang bahwa malam hari buka nya?
    thanks sekali lagi buat mas andreas

  5. di jakarta ada gak sih scene breakcore? minta infonya duoongzz!!

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