Mental D-struction Package Arrived!!!

To : breakcore_LABS, Wari Wora No. A/80, Baciro, 55225, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, South East Asia, Asia, Earth, Milky Way.
From : Me Manganese Evelyne, 136 Cours de la Marne, 33800 Bordeaux, France, West Europe, Europe, Earth, Milky Way.
Subject : Mental D-struction Package.

Body :

Finally the package arrived !!! After exchanging address via Myspace. Mental D-struction send The package containing Cassette Tape (Mental D-struction, Morgan_Desbeet), Mini Disc / 3 inch (Legal Terrorism – Highlight Of Sodom), Mental D-struction Sticker, Invisible Front Flyer, and the Artwork. It is Surprising, in a positive way. Usually the data exchange is done via Internet, especially today, Internet Technology allowed us to done it in a simpler way, cheaper and faster. It become RARE now!!!! Arrggghhhh!!! Anyway, Thank you for Mental D-struction for this things. We are really happy for this !!! Respect !!! Bc Rullleeesszzzxx!!! Rules!!!!!


3 Responses to “Mental D-struction Package Arrived!!!”

  1. Andhika Says:


  2. saya juga pernah tuh dikirimin album yang sebelomnya hahaha

  3. mau dong gan

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