breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok @ SBY review

It was the first breakcore_LABS for Surabaya, the city of heroes. cok2cok theme was taken from jancok, an Eastern Javanese local word that generally be used as an expression of anger, disappointment or even could be refer to friends. Well, you have to be in good relationship to call your friend jancok and get away without a blue-colored-shape Borneo map on your face. This word is multi-meanings for multi-purpose use that have always transform in daily life. So, cok2cok, is the guys (arek-arek) in Surabaya expression and intention in friendship and the spirit of togetherness of making this edition of breakcore_LABS to bridge localities in to a transformation of unity!

Since Suro and Boyo wasn’t around at the present time, the guys (Arek-arek) were preparing everything in Product Design Department (Fakultas Despro) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya. Arek-arek was the guilty party for arranging the whole events from arranging the stages, producing stickers until free t-shirt print that was available on the event that was made possible by the collaboration and support with 337 with Reza A.K.A. Aa’ Arul as the leading guilty party.  Started at 07.30, the event was opened with the performance from Robot with their Synth Rock musics with a composition of slashing melodies and noises. They performed a rather slow beats, dark rhythmic and gloomy musical composition from their demo album to the crowded audiences that already waited before the event was started. After Robot, a group of 6 musicians that call themselves Wikked Joi Suzann presented a collaborative performance of hard noise music composition for the audience. They sat amongst the audience and having fun themselves with experimenting multiple instruments and effects that were scattered everywhere and surrounding them.

Third hero on the playlist was Sonixx’s performance with his experimental music with electro touches on the background, combined with synthesizer’s robotic sounds for seasonings. His solid performance and music composition that enriched by danceable beats invited many from the audience to enjoy themselves in movements on the dance floor. Terbujur Kaku performance followed after he was warmed up with a collaboration of noise performance with Benny Wicaksono (also known as VJ Herbal) and glitch visual composition from VJ Bash. Terbujur Kaku performed a rich mixes from various type of local music from  gamelan, game sounds samples, mainstream pop music and even (cen jancok koen iki!) dangdut koplo. Couldn’t help it, a confusion of dance movements and stunned stand stills with foot and/or head banging contributed by the crowds as their cheering on his breakcore music.

The last on the list was Julian Abraham with his performance that was started with a mix that is based on a clip of Indonesian national song titled “Indonesia Pusaka”.  He performed a arrangement of breakcore music that composed from various digital sounds samples which several of them were taken from hard drum sets, glitch noises and sounds from film clips. His performance is also filled with video-mixed visual composition from VJ Bash and graphic particle generated visual composition from VJ Numberone.

After the event was closed, we were together, relaxing and joking at each other and not forget to mentioned, we now can called jancok to each other with no bruises on our faces. Thanks to Denan Bagus and Evan Evvn for the photo documentation. Thanks to Faris Shidqi, Anita Silvia (Tinta), Kuro, Pandu, Yogie Digital, Evan Evvn, Rieza, Putri Pitoyo, Ferial Afiff, Irene Agrivina, and everyone involved and/or came to the events. Thanks for the great night arek-arek! Ayo, bar iki kelanjutane gawe opo maneh ki cok!?

flickr photostream breakcore_LABS 0.7.1 on breakcore_LABS  flickr account>>>


10 Responses to “breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok @ SBY review”

  1. jare arek wonokromo, breakcore_labs cok2cok pancen jiancok sip!

  2. are-arek iki danjuk kabeh! arrggg terror visual from vj bash and vj numberone!

  3. om aku gak sengaja nemu sapa itu vj bash di sini om

  4. sing sablonase jenenge Reza A.K.A Aa’ Arul…dari klan Garasi 337…

  5. ralat dongss….
    yg Wikked Suzann itu salah namanya,,,
    yg bener Wikked Joi Suzann

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