breakcore_LABS 0.7.1 – Kek2keK @ TBY review

What is “Kek2keK” label on this edition of breakcore_LABS? Well, we didn’t have any special meanings on the title of the event, more likely the name refer to a local joke between us. The title come from the word Tokek (Gekko). It come from a response to an issue that we thought as a hoax, or more precisely a conspiracy – based hoax using media tools as a main mean of advertising – or information flows, to create a popular boost on products, icons, persons, animals, plants, or any objects that create a new trends that leads to a new consumption behavior among the society. In this case we took a sample of Tokek selling following Lou Han Fish, Gelombang Cinta Plant etc. that could reach to millions and billions rupiah without any exact reason how it highly priced. We applause to the conceptor and the conspiracy making for great creativity, but we spit on them of their intentions and justification of manipulation for the sake of their own profit. So here is our own way of conspiracy, and our first action took place in our hometown. We like to joke, hell yeah sometime we did too much of it, but enough of bla – bla – ing, here is our review.

We started the event precisely on 19.30 after a hectic of preparation that already become a routine chores in every breakcore_LABS events that we held. A performance from Sodadosa opening the event at the same time with the starting of the event. His performance on the stage break the silence with his Harsh Noise music filling the amphitheater space. Second on the lineup was To Die with a special performance since they presented a collaborative performance with Individual Distortion. Their Cybergrind music filled with beat composition from Individual Distortion, as To Die loud screams and noise generated from feedbacks and effects of guitar instrument. The event continued with a performance from Individual Distortion in collaboration with Desiree Aditya (Nervous). Their performance is a mixture of Speedcore, Exta Tone and noise arrangements and composition that we were too confused to classify their music. Individual Distortion brought his daily life frustration and anger to his short-compacted music creation.

Mindfuckingboy performance come next creating a composition of disharmony in the stage with digital noise music. Mind fucked! Total anarchy of Noise fill in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta with his performance. Next on the list is Kirdec who perform a composition of Noise music enhanced with Industrial touches on the as the main dishes. His performance was an intense composition of sounds, creating a terror sonophobia (if we may call so) amongst the audience.  This was Kirdec second performance in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, following several other performances in South East Asian country on his tour.

Cangkang Serigala comes next, with their karaoke twisted terror style (ssiiggh, we still couldn’t found appropriate name for their characteristic…) shouting religious stereo-meanings in their music. They were up on the stage installation. they were on the speakers, they were everywhere, wearying the audience line of sight in spontaneous choreography. Next come Local Drugstore on the rundown with his 8-bit sounds touches combine with noise and fast beats. Cheerful 8-bit sounds was broke down with harsh drum bass that tickle the audience’s ears.

Drum N Bass beats was next as DJ Yudha performance invited the audience to pay a visit to the dance floor. His beats amuse several audience who dance tirelessly during his performance. DJ Dash follows after also with Drum N Bass music to close the long playlist in breakcore_LABS 0.7.1. His performance was filled with powerful and energetic beats that invite more people to the dance floor. It was also a tireless night for VJ Bash and VJ Manticore as their enchanting visual performance was synchronizing all music performance in this edition of breakcore_LABS. An our applause given as well for MC Ichan and MC Hamam who filled the gaps in the performance transition.

Finally, we say goodbye for now and thankful for our main support that came from Blass Sound System and Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Our appreciation also goes to Magnum, StarCross, Departemen Satwa, iCAN, and DeadMediaFM. Great documentation from Ade Greden, superb stage managing from Argha Mahendra (Nervous), endless support from Ferial Afiff, Marcelo Vishnoe (Nervous), Putri Pitoyo, Widi, Sutanto Effendi and Stella Maris. We present this one to our beloved brother and friend, Venzha. See you in breakcore_LABS – cok2cok.

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  1. bro, minta foto2nya individual distortion yang keren itu dong bro.

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