breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 (Nightly Build) @ microCELLS closing party 2010 review

Like we said before, this edition of breakcore_LABS was a “nightly build” effort from the artists and the organizer. It reminds us of a project called “Come 2 You” that HONF did with 10:05 newsletter with slightly different concept. We held breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 as the seventh event but part of the sixth edition since it was held for the closing party of microCELLS.

We installed the stage around 8 o’clock. Star Cross Distro on Gejayan area of Yogyakarta was supporting us with venue outside of their distro which was only 6 meters from the street. Like standard operation, we were installing-wiring-installing-plugging-installing-testing-blablaing until 8:30 and the show began!

Started with the performance of Julian Abraham (Yogyakarta) with several of his new songs. One of his latest uploaded song called Boring Morning was in the playlist. VJ Manticore (Yogyakarta) was already playing his live visual coding using Fluxus. Then Terbujur Kaku (Surabaya) with his sick music that was remixing a “truthful” song on Indonesia brainwashing pop-music mainstream band. If you wanted to know how sad  the truth is follow this link (we’re not encouraging you to watch it and we warn you not to open it). The remix was poisonous as Terbujur Kaku’s performance did a hell of a damage to our brain. Somehow we got the impression that someone just wrote Terbujur Kaku in an Alay way of writting as 73rBujUR K4kU.

Next on the lineup was Fat London with his unique Breakbeat touch on the music. His performance was inviting the crowds to keep dancing in front of the stage. The energetic music was fashioned with the finding of a phenomenon that was later known as “Ice Tea On The Dance Floor”. As the crowd was blending and melting with the surroundings, the distro was closed and all the crowds were all together, Butcher Bachelor (Jakarta) bang the crowds with his Speedcore music with chip-tunes sound touches on the dishes. We call it the night off as a collaborative performance from Ican Harem (Yogyakarta) with Terbujur Kaku screams their lungs off with remixed Cangkang Serigala‘s (Yogyakarta) music warm the steel stage of 0.6.1. Biggest thanks goes to Blass for their support,  Ade Greden and Ferial Affif for the documentations, Putri Pitoyo, Hamam Firdaus, Sutanto Effendi and Stella Maris for their wines and spirits.


flickr photostream breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 on breakcore_LABS  flickr account>>>

flickr photostream breakcore_LABS 0.6.1 on Ferial Afiff flickr account>>>


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