breakcore_LABS 0.6 – microcore @ microCELLS 2010 review

ASIK!!! After a long hot days of preparing and installing our own stage, the showdown finally arrived. The echo of Adzan have disappeared from the sky waves, bottles were clinging heavily and our friends heavy laughs is all around, we decided that it is time to break the core. It was raining at the beginning, and we have to start a little late from what we planned (19.30).

DJ Yudha started the show with drum n bass musics; chanting softly and slowly to warm the stage with powerful beats. His playful Drum N Bass invites shy audiences that needs a crack before they are warm up. After DJ Yudha performance, Chris Brown (US) and Johanna Poethig (US) came to the stage to give their audiovisual collaborative performance. Chris and Johanna presented a composition of pure synthetic audio that combines with experimental video from their project called “The Lost Cities”. This performance is part of their proposed activities from a presentation (HONF) and workshop (Soundboutique) which they did earlier. Death Beetle, a musician from Australia that are now is based in Yogyakarta followed the run down after Chris and Johanna. He distorted the stage with noise music which composed with Hip Hop strong beats, Drum N Bass Remixes, and also Reggae rhythmic touches in the mix. A moment of collaboration happened in transition of SONIXX and Kempoy Stereo (Surabaya) entrance to the stage. The both of them just shouting each other through their machines, filling each other gaps with noises and beats with the unstop hailing and shouting from MC Ican and MC Hamam. SONIXX later on continue to tease the crowds with his unfriendly sounds that composed with break dancing beats with his various musical battery-based instruments.

The dance crowds become our best friend now, as Butcher Bachelor (Jakarta) a chip-tunes musician that was written JW86 in breakcore_LABS publication speeds up the stage. (Our apology for the miswriting; it was the fault of a guy that was an uncle of our neighbor’s boyfriends’ classmate during kindergarten, have a syndrome of extreme Gymnophobic mutated Bacillophobia). Butcher Bachelor performance is filled with speedcore musics with rough 8-bit sounds and loud sound samples from 80’s horror movies. The performance was enriched by visuals from VJ Manticore and VJ Numberone that stunned the back wall of the stage installation. After that, the stage was robed by masked musicians which the rundown stated their names as Electrocore and Julian Abraham alongside with Tommy Surya and Andreas Siagian. Their performance was a composition of noise from Grinder Analog Sound that combines with digital speedcore music and 3D graphical sound generated visual. Sigit – TKNSHT also join the collaboration with shouts and screams to burn the crowd madness in to fire. The show was followed by Fat London (FR) from Paris with his energetic break beat and techno music that forced tireless crowd to keep their move. He gave a special performance to celebrate his friend’s 2.4 birthday, 3 times older than breakcore_LABS who only reach 0.6. This is the second time Fat London collaborate with HONF, and today his great performance remind us of cellSONIC on Cellsbutton#02. In the closing of the event, DJ Adheet from Energy Room amuse the crowd by his play list filled with famous track of loud Drum N Bass music. His music was responded with shouts and rapping from Venzha of Electrocore. Curse the 12.00, it was time to stop although we didn’t wanted too. We passed 15 minutes of cinderella’s breaking time and our stage still stand metal solid. Society law, fairy tales beat us all up and force us to stop though our effort break their core in every movement we made. Super thanks for Ade Greden, Putri Pitoyo and Ferial Affif for the pictures and supports. See you all in breakcore_LABS 0.7.

Follow this link for breakcore_LABS  photostream in Flickr >>>

Follow this link for breakcore_LABS 0.6 photostream in Flickr by Ferial Affif>>>


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