breakcore_LABS 0.5 – 10 Years HONF

breakcore_LABS 0.5 is held by an initiatives from HONF members in commemorating 10 years of HONF and also celebrating 1 year anniversary of breakcore_LABS. After the breakcore_LABS 0.1 in December 2009, breakcore_LABS has reached 5 series of breakcore events in Indonesia, inviting local and international artists and musicians to act in breakcore_LABS events. Thanks to all, we still progressing and continuing our movement!

The event started at 9 o’clock of 31 December 2009. Inside HONF lab, Julian Abraham started the event with a composition of ambience and glitch music, inviting the audience to start the party. One by one the audience come from outside bringing the legendary local red wine “ANGGUR MERAH”. Music is getting louder, laughter is filling out the space, everyone has joined the party. Breakcore and Speedcore musics is playing as we waited for the new year to arrive. Cheers and hugs, for a new spirits of old dreams and new dreams as Liwoth (a collaboration between Krisna Widiathama and Ichan Harem) play their Noise and Scream music with using LDR oscillator sensors. Next stop, our own private beach in Siung!


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