breakcore_LABS 0.4 – break-buka-bersama-core Yogyakarta Prague

breakcore_LABS 0.4 – break-buka-puasa-bersama Yogyakarta – Prague, is a title that created to combine many words starting from breakcore, fasting, together, open community, open platform, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Prague, Czech Republic. Because of various technical difficulties, we started the event at 17.00. (It was scheduled to start at 15.00, lol) The event started with a presentation from Guma Guar, an artist group from Czech Republic. They gave a presentation on their activities that started since 2003 in arts and politics, electronic music and also VJing. After giving their presentation, they follow the session with an audiovisual performance that composed of extreme musics filled with visuals depicting terrors and wars.

We-take-a-short-break-to-open-the-fasting-ceremony. While we did that, a collaborative performance from Krisna Widhiatama and Ichan Harem (which later on they created a group called Llwoth). They performed with white noise and screams to summon demons and worship them. Several people were annoyed by their performance as it was a holy month for Moslem people. Well, we said nothing, because that’s the point of breaking the core!

Darina Alster (CZ)  was on the next on the menu. She gave a presentation of her work which presented in form of performance and video. Her work focus on time, identity and relationship issue. After her presentation, it was Sudjud A. Dartanto, a Writer, Curator and Researcher based in Yogyakarta. He gave presentation about the influence of digital era to local communities in Yogyakarta. The presentation speak general influence on the use of digital tools on the systematic of community work.

The presentation continue with Michal Marianek’s (CZ) presentation. He also presented his previous work and gave a detail explanation on one of his software that he created using Reaktor. He invites several audience to try out his creation and practiced it while he gave several tips and instruction to them. After Michal, Benny Wicaksono (also known as VJ Herbal) from Surabaya gave an explanation on his creation; a wearable VJ tools using generic technology such as CCTV that he used for his VJing technique. Benny closed the presentation session with a demonstration of live VJing using his creation.

The last session was closed with several performances that started with Tony Maryana and his friends. He collaborated with several dancers, incorporating sensors to a barbed wire, iron wire as the main line that connecting two performing dancers. Tony created a sound composition from the performer movements in the performance. The whole event was closed with a collaborative performance from Adit Desiree (ID), Ondrej Skala/JTNB (CZ), and Benny Wicaksono. The performance was a combination of Beatbox Noises from Ondrej composed with synthetic sounds from Adit and analog visuals from Benny.


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