breakcore_LABS 0.3 @ Cellsbutton#03.2009 review

The third series of breakcore_LABS held in Cellsbutton#03. We have planned it for a long time for breakcore_LABS to be a part of Cellsbutton festival agenda, although the continuity of breakcore_LABS serves, as a solitary program will still continue. The theme for 0.3? “Get off routines! Cut off the fake publicities! Shootout with all your guts and get your *** down here!” A special feature in breakcore_LABS 0.3 was that we had special artistic media performances from cellsparticipants.

After stage installed compromising the space in Slackers Distro, breakcore_LABS started with a special performance from Somaya Langley. Her performance was a body motion synchronized generated audiovisual performance. Using her body movement, she created digital sound composition and visuals that projected to her body. After her performance, Andrej Boleslavsky played dub step music for the audience breakcore_LABS to dance. Terbujur Kaku continued with his digital breakcore music breaking the dance scenes that was filled with audience dancing with their costumes. Terbujur Kaku recently released his new album Glitchy Bitchy No.3 that is available for download online on his myspace account (

After Terbujur Kaku was a special guest all the way from Jakarta; a group called Racun Kota. They play digital noise terror music with fast beats that rocks the stage of breakcore_LABS. Next an alien with green skin collaborate with snow monster were Djing with breakcore music and rap core. We think they were Electrocore. The music continue with a performance from Michal Marianek with his compulsive electronic metal music generated with his customized built software of his own. Darina Alster and Dan Gregor continue with their performance on breakcore_LABS. Her performance was a words reading synchronized with audio visual and infrared synchronization. Darina explanation on the performance:

In January 2009 a report from National Academy of Science was published, it was financed by space office NASA, which is engaged in social and economical impacts of super solar eruption. These impacts are being predicted by astro -meteorologists for the year 2012. This time not only new electronic medias of communication (existing for 10 or 15 years only) will be liquidated and finally practically melted together with their management, like it was in year 1859 with the last large scale sun storm. In 2012 the whole global network of cables serving the planet with electricity will be – according to different scientific prognosis- overloaded, interrupted and maybe totally destroyed together with it the whole wireless communication.

The archives of coded words; numbers, sounds and images flowing in the waves of electric impulse chains could be mutated under the weight of omnipresent green and red streams of light and cascades of plasmatic discharges of energy under the ionosphere. The hardware of computer systems has to be put out of order in time and the grids have to be disconnected so the chain reaction will be prevented. Therefore NASA started installing “Solar and heliospheric observatory” (SOHO) and other observatory systems in Space… Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag C_plexus solaris S.

Ondrej Skala a.k.a JTNB was on the next list with extreme breakcore combined with his human beat box performance and digital instrumental effects. Marko Batista continued with his blasting speed core music. The last on the play list was Cangkang Serigala with their karaoke metal glamour choreographic core (what??). Hard to explain this crazy night. We suggest you come to the next edition to feel, see and break it yourself. One last thing, A compilation of breakcore_LABS has been launched and available for download. Check and crack it on:


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  1. link nya mati, penasaran pengen download padahal

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