breakcore_LABS 0.1

breakcore_LABS 0.1 @ Jogja National Museum: 20 December 2008

Breakcore_Labs is the first music event specifically for breakcore music genre in Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta. This program was launched for the closing party of the main program for YIVF#04 though the program itself have been planned to be a regular program in the future by HONF. The event launched at Jogja National Museum on 8 PM inside a space of contemporary art exhibition called Highlight. HONF organized Breakcore_Labs in conjunction with Taring Padi, an art community that celebrating their 10th anniversary on the following day. A special stage installation inside the space created from HONF members and YIVF#04 artists.

After Breakcore event, the space later on that displaying a transdisciplinary art work by Venzha, combining experimental electronic sound instrument with biotechnology called: Bio-diversity Generic Sound Capacity <chronicle_therapy_01>.

Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham
DJ Dash
DJ Filastine (SP)
Cangkang Serigala

Darling Sisters
Fajar LP

Irene ‘Ira’ Agrivine
Bagus ‘Timbil’ Budiarto
Andreas Siagian
Aga Mahendra
Marcello Vishnoe
Desiree Aditya
Selina Shah (UK)
Bayu Swandika
Daniel Shark
Yustoni Volunteero
Ferial Affif
Prof. Irfan D. Prijambada

Bintang Ramadhan

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